FUJICA Z600,700,800 露出計オート不良の治し方。 Auto iris function repair.

 FUJICAのZ600, 700, 800はレンズも良く、シャッター開角度も変えられる多機能機です。特にZ800は人気機種です。Single-8でクランクシャフトが付いているのは、ZC1000の他にはZ800だけです。このシリーズはEEダイアルを押し込むとオート、引き出すとマニュアルになっていますが、経年劣化でオート不良になっているものが結構あります。この治し方の説明です。
 FUJICAZ600, 700 and 800 are also good the lens, multi function and the shutter degree is changed. Especially, Z800 is a popular model. It is only Z800 that the crankshaft has adhered by Single-8 besides ZC1000. When the EE dial is pushed, it is an auto, and a manual when pulling it. However, there is considerably the defective auto one due to deterioration. This page is an explanation of this how to cure it.


 The plate of the dial is peeled off.


 A minus screw is removed.
 The dial part comes off.


 Three plus screws are removed.
 The unit of the axis comes off.
 In a small screw on the side of this unit, there are a small spring and a ball. The hardness of the click can be adjusted by this.


 When the screw etc. are dropped in this, it is very sad.
 The gear seen on the inside is used to move the iris at the manual.
 A metallic board is becomes two piece piling, and an auto switch.
 This is touched and if the auto works, it is lucky.
 If it is not good, it is trouble in other parts.




 This is figure seen from the upper part.

 The gear becomes three combinations, and moves like the lever.
 Yellow, long two is a switch board of the exposure meter.
 The checker is a sponge.
 A blue line is a board connected with the iris.

 The EE dial pushes the switch of the exposure meter at the auto.
 When this switch is a loose connection, the exposure auto is not effective.
 There is a sponge on the interior side of the switch.
 A metallic board on the interior side sticks when the sponge is deteriorated.
 A deteriorated sponge is taken, the sponge is cut in a suitable size instead, and it pastes it.
 To become turning on when the dial is pushed, it adjusts it.