FUJICA Z800 ファインダークリーニング。 Viewfinder cleaning.

 The viewfinder grows moldy, becomes cloudy, and is dirty...It is fate of an old 8mm camera... I manage to want to clean it. There is a black macula in a lot of FUJICA.
 The viewfinder of Z800 was cleaned. It is very difficult work. There are very delicate parts. The parallax correction becomes necessary. Work to match respect of the film plane and the split image is necessary.


 The frame in the viewfinder had inclined at this camera. I think that it is a problem of FUJICA. It knocks against the viewfinder when the door is opened. Do it shift while knocking against many times?
 The pressure plate is removed for the following adjustment.


 It removed. Various adjustments are necessary later.


 There is dirt in the inside more.


 Close attention is necessary. The round glass where the square glass and the split image of the finder mask are buried is bonded face to face. It is bonding...


 Photo that doesn't understand well. The split image prism is set in the round glass. Garbage adheres when negligently wiping it. The printed display disappears when the finder mask is wiped too much.
 A black macula adheres to the finder mask side. When cloudy weather is intense, I think that there are a lot of cases in a part near the prism. In that case, a serious resolution is necessary. This camera was not able also to take cloudy weather completely.