Nikon R8 グリップ移設&ワイドレンズ化 Grip & wide lens modified.

 There was R8 that the front lens is damaged. Movement is OK. It is possible to use it as a fixed focal length lens by removing the front lens unit and making it to the macro side. It kept the super-wide putting up the conversion lens to it. The semi-fish eye of x0.42 was installed. The halation occurs because it is a bargain wide conversion lens. It is also good. To take it by the low angle, the grip decided to be transferred sideways.


 The caution needed after the grip removed. The iris mechanism bulges for a moment. It damages it when downward putting it. I have damaged though I worked carefully. The needle of the iris display in the viewfinder has shortened though it managed to revive.


 The focusing is done by the macro. Because the zoom motor had become unnecessary, it removed.


 Assembling it. Wiring is easy because there is no zoom motor.


 3/8"Screw and 1/4" screw is opened in the lower side.


 The filter is changed. It was considerably serious work...


 It is such externals. It is for the focusing to see like the zoom lever. A slight operation is necessary for the focus. I think that a fixed focus is good.


 The battery exchange of the exposure meter is not easy more.



 I am not good at painting. I want to make it to anodized aluminum.

 Let's do the test taking a picture.

 フジのR25をSuper 8のカートリッジに詰め替えて撮影してみました。

 I repacked Fuji R25 to the Super 8 cartridge.
 There is not vignette with a projection frame.

 It is more high-resolution than the expectation.